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We started with a vision of better care.

Our story is of better care

We started with the belief that care can be made better – both for the patient and for providers. Our team of expert technologists and healthcare specialists created Hoth to achieve just that.

How We Started

The standard approach to care is time consuming, costly, and cumbersome. Most people either can't afford it or they have to spend on costly systems. There must be a better approach.




The Standard Approach

The standard approach to surgical navigation and registration often involves the cumbersome process of acquiring preoperative imaging scans, which not only inflate costs but also require additional time and coordination among medical staff. During the surgery, continuous referencing of these static images is necessary, necessitating a labor-intensive manual recalibration whenever anatomical shifts occur, thereby increasing the complexity and duration of the procedure. The integration of these separate steps not only bloats the overall costs but also elongates the surgery time, adding additional burdens on healthcare resources and increasing the risk of complications.

The Hoth Approach

Step into the future of medicine with Augmented Reality (AR) surgical navigation—where speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness converge to revolutionize healthcare. Forget the cumbersome and outdated methods; AR registration dynamically maps the surgical field in real-time, eliminating the need for repetitive recalibrations and shaving hours off your surgical timeline. Embrace the next-level surgical experience that's light-years ahead, saving time, money, and most importantly, lives—this is the new gold standard in surgical excellence.


We've developed a series of solutions that work across specialties – from cranial surgery to spine. Hoth technology allows providers to operate at the next level.

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